Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy uses crystals to cure ailments and protect against disease by unblocking and aligning the body’s Chakras, allowing positive, divine healing energy to flow into the body.

A Crystal Healing Therapy session, involves placing various stones or crystals on the body and aligned them with various chakras. The stones used and their positioning are chosen by a crystal healer based on the symptoms reported by the client. 

A Crystal Healing Session is $35.00, After your request is received you will be emailed a Paypal request for payment. No request will receive responses without payment.

Once your payment is received. You will be emailed an image of the crystals needed and the crystals placement for the specific problem detailed in your emailed. Each Crystal Healing Therapy session is personalized and done by the client on themselves simply by following of the instructions provide via email. The crystals suggested for the session can be provide at an additional cost, plus shipping and handling.

You will general receive a response within 1 to 2 days, please be patience. No refund for service will be given. We look forward to aiding you in your healing through a Crystal Healing Therapy session.